Friday, November 2, 2012

Hostile Takeover

Our corp is hosting a wormhole roam so we decide to go looking for a C2 wormhole to stage out of for the weekend. The first C2 we find is a static low sec with a static C2. As an additional bonus, there is a Covetor in a belt mining.

A couple of us move into the target system and we wait until he warps to the tower and scan out the grav site. He warps back to the site and our scout moves in for the tackle while the rest of us warp to the belt. Our scout points him, the rest of the fleet lands and as we are targeting him the ship disappears.

Evidently, he disconnected as soon as our ships showed up on overview. We bookmark the rock for later and scout out the tower. It is poorly defended so we decide to add a POS bash to our weekend agenda.

We start moving the staging POS in and get everything setup. As we are in the process of incapacitating the pitiful defenses, the guy logs back in. The entire fleet warps to the bookmarked crokite rock and lands about the same time as the Covetor. The pilot immediately ejects and warps off so we hold DPS and get most of our entire fleet on the killmail.

Rahmanan jumps in a Cheetah and starts probing. We collapse the lowsec connection, and the next one is closed by accident. We manage to crit the 3rd low sec connection leaving a HIC cloaked outside the wormhole. In a few minutes, Rahmanan manages to scan down the third connection and jumps into lowsec. We cross jump him collapsing the wormhole and leaving him trapped outside his wormhole.

We then return to finish off the defenses and take a break before the main event to reinforce the tower occurs. The rest of the evening is fairly boring as we sit around and shoot at the tower. We are pleasantly surprised when the tower hits reinforced and only has 12 hours of stront. Perfect timing for our roam. We can finish this tower off tomorrow and then begin our roam in peace.

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