Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bad Intel

Timing is everything. Today it was really bad. I had logged in earlier than normal and did a number of things including my very boring PI shuffling. I then left for a while to deal with other things. When I came back, I sat down just in time to join in with a fleet to kill a Loki.

Four of my corpmates were online and they tackled the Loki as I was reshipping. I warp in to the Loki and land 40 km from the wormhole. The first frission of alarm shot across my neck and I quickly hit d-scan. Before the scan completed, a large fleet started landing on top of us.

I quickly tried to get out of range and warp but to no avail. My Proteus died in a flaming ball of fire. When I asked about a sig check, one of the team members had checked and missed identifying a new incoming connection from a C5 wormhole.

Why oh why! I wish I had been 1 minute later sitting down. All of this pain would have been avoided. In the meantime, I may was well go buy a new Proteus while I am in high sec.

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