Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boring Bait

The night begins like any other. We run a site in our home system and lose a ship to sleepers. Nothing all that unusual for us. We absolutely suck at PvE. After finishing the site minus one Tengu, we decide to find something easier to kill.

The crit wormhole goes down first. A jump with the bubble collapsing heavy interdictor and it fades into the night. We begin scouting our new chain. We find a C4 - C4 - C2 -> multiple wormholes which are all end of life.

If the wormhole collapses it will just add to the adventure. We jump 2 of the EOL wormholes without finding anything but the 3rd wormhole as a lone retriever on d-scan and no towers. Looks like we have found a miner.

Our scout warps out to the far planet and deploys probes. He pins the retriever and warps into the belt to find an unpiloted retriever sitting a couple kilometers off an astroid. Maybe we found a trap instead of a miner. But bait is only interesting if you take it.

He moves into position and we jump the fleet and hold cloak. Once he is in position, we warp in at our optimal values and lock the Retriever. It explodes in a ball of fire and no one attacks us in return. Bummer! Turns out this bait wasn't interesting even after we took it. Oh well! Maybe the next target will prove more interesting. We return through the EOL wormhole and disperse for the evening.

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