Friday, November 16, 2012

Killing hole rollers

I log in and receive an immediate request for help. One of our scouts has jumped into our static C4 and landed in a bubble camp. He burned off and cloaked but they have a warp bubble out and several ships and drones out trying to prevent him from returning while they slowly close the wormhole with a couple of battleships.

We are up against a Megathron, Tempest, Thorax, and Myrmidon. As I get ready, two more pilots log in and immediately ship into combat ships giving us 4v4. We warp to zero as the Megathron pilot jumps into our wormhole and all 5 of us jump into the static together.

As we decloak, it is obvious that the other corporation called off the camp and are scrambling. The Thorax and Myrmidon manage to clear the field before we can get points, but the Megathron and Tempest are not so agile. We spread points and take them down.

The response to our gf in local was, 'YOU SUNK MY BATTLE SHIP'. Too funny!

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