Friday, November 9, 2012

Quebec Runs

Scanning. The absolute trademark skill of living in w-space. We run a few sites for ISK in our static and then collapse it and head out hunting. The C4 static opens to a C3 which has connections to a C5, another C4, null sec and a lonely EOL C2. While we are scanning down the C3, we notice an Anathema with unusual tags on d-scan and another set of probes are deployed.

While I attempt to locate where this Anathema came from, the fleet begins to organize. I warp to the C4a and find a Devoter and Enyo guarding the wormhole. Interesting! I do not see many assault frigates in w-space. I navigate around the Enyo and jump into the C4 to see what is going on.

There is nothing immediately on d-scan but my notes show a tower at one of the outer planets. I warp out to the tower and find a Falcon, Raven and Badger at the tower. The Badger is of little interest but the Falcon and Raven could make things more interesting.

The Falcon warps out of the tower and cloaks so I head back to the wormhole to watch. The Enyo has moved back to the C4 side and I am told the Devoter is maintaining a vigil on the other side. Time to engage. We warp a Cyclone to the wormhole to start the engagement. Oops! That must have been too scary. The Devoter jumps back through the wormhole and warps off.

The Enyo jumps the other way into our landing fleet. He immediately jumps back and is tackled by our Cyclone while the rest of the fleet jumps in. The Enyo goes up in flames very quickly and the pilot warps his pod off before we can lock it.

The Falcon chooses not to show himself at all. For a group who acted aggressively to engage, they ran just as aggressively when our single battlecruiser landed on the field. We had a fleet to back it up, but they began running long before our fleet showed itself. We were hoping for a good fight. Instead, we ganked an assault ship.

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