Sunday, November 25, 2012

A tough little customer

Shortly after I arrive, a scout in our chain reports activity in a C2. There are several pilots actively moving around and we appeared to interrupt a mining operation. Evidently, the pilots were more aware than some and saw us come through their connection.

A short discussion and we decide to attempt a baiting. It rarely works, but we might as well try it. A fleet forms up and we send a probing drake into the wormhole. A couple of minutes later, an Ishkur lands on grid with the drake but he is nearly 100km away and he warps out again. A few seconds later, he lands again; this time much closer to our drake and initiates combat.

We keep the fight to just the drake to see if anyone else will engage for a minute, but the Ishkur isn't going down and the drake is starting to get hurt due to the Wolf Rayet effect in the wormhole. At this point, we warp a proteus into the fight.

We were still hoping by limiting the engagement to get more people engaged. We knew they had a Falcon somewhere nearby, but after a couple of minutes, no one else has engaged. Additionally, it is now apparent, that the proteus is barely scratching the Ishkur.

The rest of the fleet warps in and once we have 3 webs on the Ishkur, we are finally able to slow him down enough to kill him. The Ishkur proved to be a suprisingly tough little customer. I chatted with the pilot for a couple of minutes after the engagement. He knew what we were flying from his own scout and chose to engage us and test a tank he had been theorizing anyway. Very cool! A drake and a proteus were unable to break his tank, so I would have to conclude that his tank was pretty good!

Fly safe smokeAjoint and thanks for the fight!

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