Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finishing the takeover

A mere 12 hours after putting the tower into reinforced mode, we reassemble our forces to destroy the tower. We maintain our control over the static connections and the fleet begins working on the tower. With no hardeners, it doesn't take long and we soon have a killmail for a large tower and assorted modules.

A BPC and some capital construction parts for a Rorqual drop along with various ore and a few ships. In total, we probably spent more on ammo than the total value of what dropped. Either way, we set a suspected macro miner back a little. He will now need to start over.

Now that the hostile tower is out of the way, we take a break and get organized for our event. We plan to rage roll the C2 static looking for people to kill. In total, we had nearly 40 people show up and the participate for our afternoon event.

The following kills were recorded in our first skirmish: Buzzard 1, Buzzard 1's PodHurricane 1, Hurricane 1's Pod, Hurricane 2, Hurricane 3, Harbinger, Harbinger's Pod, Sacrilege,

The following kills were recorded in our second encounter: Buzzard 2, Buzzard 2's Pod, Legion, Legion's Pod. LOL at the Legion pod and fit. A pilot who cannot figure out what he wants to do.

The last encounter netted us the following: Raven, Raven's Pod.

Overall, the event was a fun activity and we learned several things we can do next time to make it run a little more smoothly. Unfortunately, the only large fleet we found was also the only blue we maintain.

Two memorable quotes from the day. From the first encounter, "Would you guys mind collapsing that connection while I go clean out my pants?". A loki who escaped in the second encounter stated, "WOW! That is a lot of cloaky T3's!"

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