Friday, September 14, 2012

Repping neutral pocos

I start out doing a little PI in the home system before scanning down the new static. The new static has 1 tower and 0 pilots, but there are 3 customs office which have been reinforced. The timers are due to come out starting in a little over an hour.

Since no one is visible in the system, I launch probes and sort through a variety of ladar, grav, mag and radar sites to find only 1 wormhole which leads to a class 3 system. Jumping into the class 3 shows that it leads to low sec so I head back into the static to wait out the timers and see what happens.

In the meantime, other pilots from our corp show up and about 10 minutes before the first customs office is scheduled to come out of reinforcement, pilots from the static start showing up. A Dominix, Typhoon, 2 Armageddons and a Iteron Mark III are the first to show up. The Iteron pilot warps above the tower and deploys a probe before retreating to the tower. A few minutes go by and the probe is recalled and one of the pilots reships to a Buzzard.

The Armageddons go ahead to the custom office at planet 1 which has dropped out of reinforced mode and start the process of removing it, while the Buzzard pilot scans down the connection to our home system and jumps into our home to scout around.

In a few minutes, all of the pilots warp back to the POS and local lights up calling out one of our pilots by name and telling us they know we have 5-6 more ready to jump them and that we missed our opportunity for the ambush. This is immediately followed by everyone logging out.

The pilot who was spotted decides that since we can't get a fight out of them, he must repair the neutral customs offices. He isn't leaving until all the customs offices are repaired. A couple of corpmates join him while others to decide to run some sleeper sites for ISK.

Both the repair and sleeper hunting is running smoothly when a couple of the pilots log back in. In all 4 pilots log in and reship to stealth bombers. The initial pilot who was spotted takes this opportunity to start trolling in local. At some point during the trolling, one of our pilots links an inappropriate picture in local. The link is reported and CCP promptly applies a 3 day ban. Since there was no warning, the pilot is now stranded in w-space in a ship without probe launchers.

After some discussion, we decide that we aren't leaving the ship and pilot. Instead we will move some pilots into this static for the next 3 days. Since we will be living in this system with little to do, we might as well burn it to the ground. After all, PvP is our preferred activity. We start organizing what we need to make sure we can get our pilot out after the ban is over while the repair operation continues.

Meanwhile, local trolling continues and eventually one of our directors issues a challenge, SEND FORTH YOUR CHAMPION. We offer the locals their choice of a 1v1 or 2v2 in a ship class of their choice. Win or lose, we will pull out after it is over. We are quite surprised when they agree! We have finally found someone who is willing to participate in a fair fight. They decide to field battlecruisers and we select two pilots for the encounter. Both sides agree to no podding.

One of our directors forms a fleet with one of their players as referee. The referees are in covert ops ships and they form a safe and invite the 4 combatants. When the call is made, all four combatants warp to the scouts and the fight begins. The locals have fielded two Myrmidons and we have fielded Hurricanes. The ending comes down to the drone wars. Our pilots fielded ECM drones while the opponent fielded DPS drones and the ECM tipped the balance in our favor. A good portion of the fight ended up being 2v1 as one the Myrm pilots was jammed by the drones.

All in all, it was an interesting evening. A salute goes out to Valente Iceni and Deshrial Sculpin for being willing to meet on the field of battle. While they did not come out the victors, they made a good showing and fought well. After the fight was over, we finished salvaging the sites we had run and pulled out to roll the wormhole as promised.

CCP was kind enough to move our banned pilot to the last visited k-space system. While we have no idea where that will be, at least the pilot has a chance of returning with the ship he was piloting after serving his time.

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