Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chasing a gas harvester

We run a couple of escalations in our home system for ISK before heading out looking for targets. The static is opened and the first scout in reports a couple of ships on d-scan. One of them is a Hurricane which does not appear to be at the tower.

Probes are deployed and the Hurricane warps back to the tower. The FC asks everyone to get into a perch on the static and wait to see what the pilot will do. A couple of minutes go by and the Hurricane warps off again heading to a location which appears to be 3-4 AU above grid of his tower.

The FC asks to verify that the fleet contains a heavy interdictor and then asks the scout to attempt getting a lock on the Hurricane. To which the scout reports, I am already looking at him. The scout then creates a book mark for the cloud which is being targeted and then warps back in at 20km. Unfortunately, he lands too close to the cloud and decloaks.

Since the surprise is already lost, the scout immediately burns toward the gas harvesting Hurricane and calls for an immediate fleet warp to him for assistance. Warp to scout, warp to scout, warp to scout. I am in an Anathema, need help. Warp to scout.

The fleet is still in the perch in our home system so we jump to the wormhole, jump through and then initiate warp to the scout. The jump is nearly 54AU from the wormhole to the scout and by the time I land, the Hurricane is 29km away and traveling over 1500 m/s.  Time to overheat this MicroWarpDrive and see if it will last long enough for me to get in range for webs. I speed up to my top speed with heat and begin closing the gap.

The FC was already in system and had a shorter jump so he manages to get a web on the fleeing Hurricane first. The range begins to close as more of us get in range and apply webs. Once our heavy interdictor is in range, we raise the bubble and pop the Hurricane and then send DarthBait OOHAHA back to the cloning vat. The excitement is over for the moment and I head back home for a new MWD. One of these days I am going to remember to turn off heat after I activate it.

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