Saturday, September 29, 2012

A billion ISK capsule

I log in and find most of my corpmates in a C1. They had killed a Retriever earlier and Melonia had been sent to a cloning vat. OMG! Inspection of the kill mail revealed that the capsule was worth over 1 billion ISK. Mining an ore field in a wormhole with a tech 2 mindlink in your head is the type of thing which gets you noticed. Unfortunately, the attention is not going to be positive.

A little scouting of the system located their small POS which they were in the process of putting up. The group decided to siege it and see if they had put any stront in it. The stront was there, but there was only 3 hours worth and they were waiting out the timer when I logged in.

Of course, they had collapsed the route running ships through so I am cut off from the action. It is time to scan a route and get in to help with security in case it is needed. The clock is running and I have just over 2 hours.

With the help of a couple of alts, I roll the existing static and get a static with only 2 signatures. One is the wormhole I just came through and the second is a C5. Since I need to get to k-space, I am not interested in trying to find it through a chain of C5 wormholes. We roll the static again and this time I get a static with a C2 connection. The C2a has a low sec which is in the middle of nowhere, and a link to C2b. C2b also has a low sec even further out than C2a and a link to C2c. C2c finally yields an outbound connection to high sec which conveniently is only 9 jumps from the high sec to the C1 my mates are sieging.

It took an hour and 15 minutes but I am now in route to the impromptu POS bash. There are two hostile pilots in strategic cruisers in the system so we are maintaining tight security on the wormholes. Once the timer expires, we proceed to destroy the tower and everything that was attached and floating inside it. It was a bad night for the Pulsar Consortium.

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