Friday, September 21, 2012

Logoff timers, Jita and retrievers

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. Our chain map for the evening is best left to a picture.

A direct connection to a C2 provided us an outlet 3 jumps from Jita. We have a couple of recruits who need to get into the hole and a couple of newer members who want to run a couple of ships in while it is convenient.

But first, there is a rogue Iteron IV collecting planet goo which needs to be terminated. Our scout finds him at the custom office, locks him up and watches him warp off due the the stabs. However, he shows back up on d-scan less than a minute later less than 1 AU from us but not at the planet or custom office. Evidently he didn't know about logoff timers when under aggression.

We scan down the aggressed Iteron IV and blow the worthless ship up. The capsule immediately warps off, forcing us to scan it down and another worthless kill later, the PI alt is no longer present in the C2a. The total ISK lost was 2.4M ISK plus whatever he jettisoned in the cargo container when our scout attacked the first time.

With the route clear and our presence in system obvious, we give the all clear for the new pilots to start shuttling stuff into the home system.

In the meantime, the old static is old, boring and needs to go away. A couple of Orcas and a few battleships later, the static connection is gone and we jump into a new system. The static has two wormholes, an incoming C4 and an outbound C3. I scout out the C4 which is EOL while the other scout checks out the C3.

The C3 scout reports lots of ships floating at the POS and 2 retrievers missing. He deploys probes to find the missing retrievers while the fleet moves into the static ready to jump on command. Neither myself or the scout who jumped noticed that the wormhole was on the verge of collapse.

While the fleet commander scolds both of us for our poor observation skills, the scout gets a positive lock on the retrievers with probes. With a scout in local and a known exit to low-sec the fleet jumps in and warps to the retrievers. Retriever 1 and Retrieve 2 are both dispatched post haste and then Berial Inglebard and Dark Rise Boyd are sent to a clone vat.

Our pilots head back to the static connection and start jumping through. However, it collapses before everyone returns. The remaining pilot and scout locate the low sec and find that it is on the verge of collapse as well. This time, everyone but the scout gets out and heads for Kisogo, while the scout finds the new low sec and heads back via a different route.

A couple of pilots who were not trapped decide to run a quick sleeper site for some ISK while those who were trapped are making their way back home. Twenty minutes later, everyone is back in home system and we roll the static looking for more activity.

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