Saturday, September 15, 2012

A pair of Scorps +1

Once again the current chain is devoid of prey. The sleepers have returned to their sleeping and there is nothing to do. It is time to grab some large ships and collapse the static connection in search of something to do.

Once the static is collapsed, I start scanning down the new static. The new static is one of the larger systems I have encountered at 125.723 Au radius. I would hate living in this system. We find a single tower with no active pilots and resolve the signatures to find several ladar and grav sites along with 2 additional wormholes. One is a static C2 connection and the other is a K162 from C2 space.

We send a scout into the C2A connection and he reports 2 active towers but no pilots and a high sec static. While he is resolving the high sec route, another scout checks out the C2B connection and reports a single tower and a high sec static. Great! No players to shoot at but we have several people who need a few things from the market.

While the shopping group is running around, another group decides to rape and pillage the sites in the static. Might as well shoot at something. The group running sites is on the 6th one and people are starting to return when the scout in C2B reports activity. We have a couple of targets moving around in C2B.

The site running comes to an abrupt halt and a PvP fleet forms up. I am asked to get in a heavy interdictor as one of the active targets reships to a covert ops frigate and deploys probes. This is my first time flying the heavy interdictor in combat! I jump into the static and warp to the C2A connection before going silent.

The hostile scout finds the wormhole, checks it out and then 2 scorpions are warped to the wormhole. Evidently, they intend to roll this wormhole. The wormhole activates and I cross-jump them in the Phobos. Our PvP fleet lands on the wormhole and both pilots immediately jump back to C2A where I have the bubble waiting for them. They are now polarized as our fleet jumps in after them.

Both pilots hold cloak until their timer expires to buy time. Once they appear, a primary is called and the fleet destroys the first Scorpion and IwGanich is sent to a cloning vat. Scorpions can take a beating and these were no exception. The second Scorpion has had time for his polarization to expire and jumps back into the static.

Our fleet commander goes after him, but somehow a big fat slow battleship manages to escape the smaller faster T3 ship our commander is flying. No one is completely sure how that happened. Since we had eyes on the C2B wormhole and our own static connection, we know the Scorpion is still in system.

We offer a one time offer that if he will eject from the ship, we will let his capsule return home. Our offer is met with deafening silence so we collapse their connection cutting off Scorpion 2 from any assistance.

Remembering that this is a big system, we spread people out and keep an eye on d-scan with combat probes blanketing the system. Maybe he will log thinking he is safe but we are not betting on it considering how the pilots reacted to being caught. It takes about 15 mins before one of our scouts reports seeing the Scorpion on d-scan, following immediately by the information that he is deploying probes.

He is going to make a run for it and there are only 2 ways he can go. I am already on the C2A wormhole and another HIC is assigned to our home wormhole. It takes the pilot a few minutes, but he finds and resolves the C2A wormhole first. The probes disappear followed by the reappearance of the Scorpion on d-scan.

Once he lands on the wormhole, I uncloak and jump into C2A with him. The bubble goes up and we jump half the fleet in to attack him. With half the fleet staying in case he jumps back. The pilot Nuets me enough to get the bubble down, but it does him no good as we have additional points on him. He jumps back into the static and we follow him. The bubble goes back up and Scorpion 2 goes down.

To our surprise, once the Scorpion dies, we have 2 pods trapped in the bubble. What happened here? We kill GeZenk who was the Scorpion pilot and then we kill Emmersom Biggins even though we are confused on where we came from.

GeZenk should have taken our offer as it would have saved his implants. I am thoroughly confused on where Biggins came from, so I open a chat with him and we chat for a few minutes. I learn that he lived in the static and had logged in and decided to make a quick run to high sec to pick up a new ship. His timing was just really bad! Oh well! He now needs a clone upgrade and some new implants to go with that new ship. Sorry mate! Fly safer next time.

The first skirmish with my new Phobos was a success. I head back home happy with the results. I have wanted to fly since the first time I died to one way back on my first trip to null sec.

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