Friday, September 7, 2012

Chasing a Harby and catching a Guardian

I log in to find our home system bustling with activity. Another pilot quickly fills me in that we have a rare outbound connection to high-sec, an inbound connection from hi-sec, an inbound connection from null-sec and our usual outbound static connection.

The hi-sec connections have as much activity as Grand Central Station in New York. While people are shuttling stuff into and out of the wormhole, I take the opportunity to run out and get my Falcon that is sitting in a station a few jumps from one of the connections. When I get back, another pilot has brought a new battleship (why?) and wants to test his tank. I am always up for shooting things so I hop in a DPS ship and a small internal brawl occurs on one of the hi-sec connections.

After the tank tests of new ships arriving or departing, I decide to head into the static chain looking for more interesting targets. A check of the static shows nothing of any interest, so I move from there into c3a. A mate has helpfully marked the wormholes in here but this was the end of their exploration. Since no one is active in c3a, I jump into the connecting hi-sec and bookmark the exit, before heading into one of the connecting unknowns.

This connection is labeled as c2a and I have two towers on d-scan but no ships. This wormhole should have a connection to high sec and another c2. While I am locating the tower, a corp mate moves into the c3a to check out the dangerous unknown which we believe connects to a c5.

I locate the towers and decide to check out the other unknown before exploring this path further. I warp back to the wormhole and just as I land, I see a Harbinger and a ? jump through in front of me. This is reported to the other scout who now has them on d-scan which shows a Hurricane as the second ship type. Both pilots warp from the c2a connection to the hi-sec connection and jump to k-space without revealing their identity to us.

On a hope and a prayer that they will come back, we setup an ambush in the c3 on the c2a connection and I decide to deploy probes in c2a and find the other connections. I am still positioning my probes when a Buzzard decloaks on the c2a connection in the c3a. I quickly throw my probes out of range just in time as the wormhole flares. The pilot sits out the session timer and jumps back into c3a. We now have eyes on the hi-sec in c3a and the potential c5 and one of the scouts reports the covert ops ship jumping into the c5.

I decide to go check out the c5 to see if we can determine where the covert ops pilot is going. I jump into c3a and as I warp off, a Guardian jumps into c3a behind me. The other scout jumps into the c5 and the ambush pilots align to the c5 wormhole. Sure enough the Guardian lands on the c5 and jumps. Our scout engages him on the other side while out fleet warps to c5a with heavy interdictor support. We land and put up the bubble just in time to see the wormhole flare bringing the now polarized Guardian back.

Our fleet makes quick work of the Guardian and after some discussion, we lower the bubble and let the pod go. We are sometimes blue with these guys and it seems unsporting to kill the capsule in a gank where the pilot simply had the bad luck to simply be 10 minutes behind two other random pilots we were trying to catch. He has already lost a new Guardian, there is no reason to rub it in.

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