Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guarding a Hulk while AFK

The current static is boring and the locals are getting restless. It is time to roll this wormhole and find something to shoot. Pilots line up and jump an Orca and several battleships through the boring wormhole until it collapses under the stress.

One of our newer scouts runs down the new static connection and jumps into the new static. A Hulk, Drake and Occator are reported on d-scan from the wormhole. After some checking, the local tower is located and only the Occator is in the shields.

Since I am not needed as a scout, I reship into a DPS ship and head back to the static to sit and wait. A second scout is asked to jump into the system and warp to the far planet to drop probes. It seems we have found a mining operation in progress and the Drake may be guarding the miner since d-scan reports the Drake is with the Hulk.

Getting a fix on the site with d-scan proves a bit challenging since the site is is between 5-7 AU from the nearest celestial and way off plane. In the end, it takes our scout nearly a full minute with combat probes to locate them. This is about 50 seconds longer than it should take for them to notice the probes. However, the probes are recalled and the scout jumps in to find that the ships are sitting in a grav site and have not left.

The FC calls for the jump and we land a small fleet on top of the two pilots. The Drake is called as primary and we destroy him quickly. A point is assigned to the capsule and we move onto the Hulk. Once it explodes we point his capsule and then both pilots are given a free express trip to known space.

During the entire engagement, neither pilot responded in any way. The ships didn't move, the capsules didn't move, they didn't say anything, didn't notice the combat scanners on d-scan. The only conclusion you can draw is that they were both AFK. Which brings us to the question of the day. What good is guarding a miner when the guard is also AFK?

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