Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting caught

I start the day exploring the static wormhole someone else has scanned out and bookmarked. There is little of interest in the static, so I head deeper into the chain. The static apparently connects to a C3 at the moment. After verifying that there are no visible pilots in system, I deploy probes and start sorting through the 27 signatures, quickly discarding 7 ladars and 6 grav sites. I am in warp to the first wormhole in this mess when a corpmate reports a new signature has shown up in the home system.

The next piece of information to come in is that the wormhole is from TEMNAVA's class 6 home system. I bookmark the wormhole I had just found, recall probes and head back to the home system. It seems activity has found us for a change.

My first activity once getting back in system is to swap ships for a cloaky DPS. My scouting ship is great, but I may be called on for defense instead. Our scouts have located the wormhole and are poking around gathering intel on potential hostiles in the c6. They report a fair amount of activity but nothing compared to what we know they are capable of fielding.

The FC decides to attempt a quick roll on the wormhole and I am asked to swap to a battleship. A fleet consisting of several battleships and capital ships is assembled and we align to the wormhole. The FC asks for the battleships to warp to zero on the wormhole and hold. Unfortunately, I had not completed cleared the SMA and was the last one in warp. Just after entering warp, the scout reports a large inbound fleet heading to the wormhole. The FC calls for the battleships to warp back to the towers just seconds after it is too late for me to cancel warp. The other side has shown their hand and we are greatly outnumbered.

As I land on the wormhole, the wormhole flares and a Broadsword followed by several other ships jumps into our system. This borrowed Dominix is not going to survive this event. The bubble goes up cutting off my ability to jump and the other pilots start applying additional points and DPS. The ship is lost at this point, but I have one thing going for me. This is a neuting Dominix with 4 heavy neuts up top. If I can drain the Broadsword, I might be able to save my pod.

I lock up the Broadsword and a few seconds later his capacitor is empty which brings the bubble down. Not a moment too soon as I they have now chewed through 85% of my armor. Figuring this is my best opportunity, I ditch the Dominix and warp my capsule off grid.

Briefly, I mourn the loss of a perfectly good Dominix that I had just borrowed 60 seconds ago. Oh well! I now need to buy a replacement which is a good excuse for a trip to Jita the next time we have a reasonable route.

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