Friday, August 3, 2012

An unproductive roam

I wake up, activate the cloak and check my scanners. Nothing appears in range so I move out to check the locals tower. There are a couple of piloted ships, but they appear to be sleeping.

After moving back out of range of the towers, I deploy some probes and resolve the signatures in system. With only 2 signatures showing, this process doesn't take long and I soon have both the high sec and the C4 connections.

With little interest in high sec, I jump through to the C4. This is a large system with 5 towers but no pilots. I deploy probes to find nothing except a static to C3. Nothing much going on here so I head into the C3.

The C3 look promising as there are 2 haulers, 2 hulks and 3 battlecruisers on d-scan. However, both haulers and and the hulks are piloted but sitting inactive inside the tower which was also on d-scan. This leaves me curious about the 3 battlecruisers.

The system is fairly small but it looks like the far moon of planet IV just might get me out of d-scan range of all 7 ships. A quick trip and sure enough all ships drop off so I deploy probes and move them out of range before returning to the tower and using d-scan to get an approximate fix on the battlecruisers. I suspect they may be sitting on a wormhole since I am not seeing any wrecks. I move my probes in position and get a quick lock.

Sure enough the battlecruisers are sitting on a K162 which leads to null-sec. I wonder if they interrupted a mining operation. Since the locals appear to be sitting out the current activity, I decide to go ahead and find the grav site if it exists. There are 8 signatures in system so I go ahead and resolve 3 wormholes, 2 radars, 1 ladar and 2 grav sites. As I pull probes, the battlecruisers jump through the wormhole into null-sec.

This creates an opportunity to see if the locals will become active again. However, all four of them log about 20 minutes later leaving me with nothing to see. Overall, a fairly uneventful evening so I decide to head back to my hostile home and call it a night.

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