Monday, August 20, 2012

Nifty things to do

It is getting late, but there are several people left online and we decide to make one last attempt to find a target. A new static connection is opened and we jump into the static. No one is home but there are a couple of C3 connections and a C5 and a C4.

I jump into the static, and one of the other scouts who was in ahead of me shouts, "I have activation on the c4a, uncloaking, sebo on, ready to engage!" The timing of this was coincidental enough that I ask, are you sure you are sitting on c4a? Once I decloak, he is disappointed to see me instead of a viable target.  It is late and our initial scout mislabeled one of the bookmarks.

We get the bookmarks straightened out and the disappointed scout heads off to c3a, I head into c3b and a couple of other scouts head into the c5. The c3b leads to a c2 which leads to low sec. No other wormholes show up on this route so I head back toward c5a. Meanwhile, the scout in C3a continues to move down that chain.

We continue moving down the chain in separate directions with no one finding a single living soul. The c3a scout is now 3 wormholes deep in that chain and reports that he has found a null sec. He jumps and reports that it is a dead end system deep in AAA space. The next piece of information is that there are all kinds of nifty things to do in this system and he is going to check out a drone enclave. He kills the first battleship and then reports that a lot of crap spawned. Followed immediately by the calm statement that he might be in trouble.

A couple of people scramble from the home system to attempt a rescue. But alas, they are not able to make it the 5 jumps before his ship hits structure and he bails to save skill points. The drones proved to be more than the scouting Legion could handle.

The resulting tirade went something like this. I can't believe I just lost a _beep_  Legion to a _beep_ drone! It's a _beep_beep_ rat for crying out loud! I had it _beep_ webbed and 8 different types of crystals in my hold and still couldn't _beep_ hit it! I loved that _beep_ Legion! [...Pause...] I think I will pull a _beep_  No'Wai! I am _beep_ podding myself to _beep_ Jita, buying an expensive subsystem and putting it in an _beep_ Ibis and going on auto-pilot! I wish I could quit this _beep_ game! It adds nothing to my life. I hate it! [...Disconnect...]

I will own up, I haven't laughed that hard in years! An extreme example of curiosity killing the cat. Fortunately, our friend returned the following evening and we spent some time earning the ISK to replace the Legion. Great times!

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