Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rape-caging your own POS

I have finished moving in and the time has come to search out new targets. A group of corp mates have just finished rolling the static, so I jump into a scan ship and head out. It is obvious that my scanning skills still need work as a couple of my corpmates find and identify signatures at 2-3 times my speed.

The static system is empty, but the connecting C2 has a tower and 9 Tech2 large warp bubbles on dscan. A Falcon and a Pilgrim are on d-scan but the direction indicates they are probably at the tower. Warping to the tower lands me in one of the warp bubbles. The locals have rape-caged their own tower.

After a couple of minutes I think I have identified a small window in the cage so I start making my way to that spot. As I am exploring this window, the Pilgrim pilot disappears and a Heron warps to the tower and lands in the bubble. I expect him to burn toward the tower, but instead he deploys probes and just sits there scanning. A group of corp mates decide that bombing him will be a fun exercise and they organize a bombing party to kill a Heron. I could once again ask why but I am pretty sure the answer would be, why not. Oh well, this could be entertaining. I half-way expect my corpmates to blow one another up or get popped by the tower. Either will be amusing so I move my scanning ship well out of range.

While my corpmates are burning into position, the Heron returns to the tower. They break off and are about to pull out, when he slow boats back outside the shields and deploys probes again. Two of them are in position so in they go, bombs away. Bomb 1 detonates and bomb 2 explodes? They were both using the same type of bomb so that shouldn't have happened. Oh well! The Heron quickly hurries back into the POS. Some good-natured banter about our fail ambush and everyone heads for home.

However, I still find myself curious about why anyone would rape-cage their own tower. Even with a small window and a warp out point, this move makes no sense to me. Some things will never make sense to me.

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