Saturday, July 28, 2012

A successful ambush

I wake up and jump into my ship for more space ship excitement. My usual check of my unwitting hosts show several piloted ships in the tower and a drake somewhere else in system. Having kept the bookmark of the radar site from the previous day, I decide to check it out.

Sure enough, the drake is in the radar site clearing out the rats. This is the second time I have seen this pilot running sites solo while other characters were online at the towers but not active. They don't seem to be alts so I am guessing it is just corp mates who are doing something else.

As I move in to shadow the drake and mentally rehearse tackling, I see a hostile T3 appear on d-scan, drop combat probes and then disappear. I quickly move away from the drake pilot expecting him to head to the tower. However, the probes also disappear after about 15 seconds and the drake pilot continues on his merry way.

I have moved into position about 30 kms above the drake when the T3 uncloaks and tackles the drake. D-scan immediately shows that the T3 pilot is a heavy tackle for a small gang who shortly land at zero on the drake and proceed to destroy ship and capsuleer in short order. They loot the wreck, blow it up and then disappear. Apparently returning to whence they came through the static C3. None of them knew they had an observer parked 28 km from the action.

Maybe saving their radar site wasn't such a good deed after all. The drake pilot now has to find his way back home but I log for the evening before seeing him return.

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