Saturday, August 18, 2012

A pirates demise

As soon as I wake up in system, the pirates from the previous evening contact me to let me know they are on the way back to finish the reinforced tower. Something in the back of my mind cautions me tht this is a really bad idea. However, it has been a while since I lost a ship, so why not. At least it will be different from my normal stalking.

I jump into hi-sec and grab a Tornado for the POS bash. Ammo is harder to find than the ship but I am soon heading back into the wormhole. As I join fleet, the timer has about an hour left on it so I prepare to wait.

With only a few minutes left on the timer, the CEO of the wormhole inhabitants warps to the sieged tower. He is quickly locked and scrambled while I am burning to get in range. I am surprised when he melts before I am able to get in range and land a shot. I manage to get on the killmail of an expensive Tengu but have zero damage due to range. Surprisingly, I never saw him activate his active shield module. The pod is quickly dispatched for another big loss.

We loot the wreck and send the faction module to hi-sec before starting to burn down the tower. We have the shields down to 6% when the real fireworks begin. Two Transmission Lost pilots uncloak on the tower and start locking us up. We scramble out of the rape cage, or at least start to scramble as the rest of the Transmission Lost fleet arrives on the tower.

The butt kicking doesn't take long and only a few pilots manage to escape. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I think our scout on the wormhole fell down on his job. Some advance notice of an incoming fleet would have been nice.

Our group ends up losing 4 ships and 3 pods to the TL fleet and we did not manage to kill any of them. Pirates against TL in the wormhole = pirates ass kicked, twice. However, we destroyed more ISK today than we lost. While TL did not lose anything, the local inhabitants more than made up for it. The evening has ended for me since TL was kind enough to give me a free trip back to k-space. I knew this was a bad idea, but I was correct that it was different from my usual stalking.

With TL making an appearance two nights in a row, it is a pretty safe bet that they are either friends with the locals or being paid protection money. Either way, taking down a tower in this wormhole will be difficult with them in the equation.

1,483,951,626  --tengu
   982,068,737  --pod

Losses - ships
    22,086,752  --firetail
    96,302,218  --tornado
    65,262,061  --hound
  165,484,808  --curse

Losses - pods
  694,975,454 TOTAL

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