Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cleaning Up

D-scan shows no ships and my contact list shows that all known pilots are offline. It is time to go looking for something to do. A scan of the local system shows the two static wormholes and a gravimetric site. Not exactly interesting when there is no one around.

The static to hi-sec looks like it will dump me out in Amarr space. Next up is the static C3. This system is even quieter than the home system with a single tower at the outer planet and only 3 signatures. A ladar, a magneto and the static is a low sec system in Lonetrek with only 3 pilots. None of them are active so I head back to the home wormhole.

There is still no activity in this system so I decide out of sheer boredom to fly around and pop all the anchored warp disruptor bubbles which are at each planet. This amuses me for about 15 minutes and then I am in need of something else to do.

Might as well jump out to hi-sec and see if I guessed the region correctly. Yep! It is Amarr space. The system is the Dakri system and it has a ton of astroid belts. Might as well check to see if a faction spawn is around. I get lucky for once and a True Sansha rat is in the 3rd belt. I make quick work of him and scoop a True Sansha Thermic Plating as a reward. It isn't worth much, but I feel good that I finally found a faction rat in hi-sec.

Since Amarr is only 5 jumps away, I decide to run over to Amarr and post the item for sale before returning to my wormhole for the night. Once I am back it is still quiet so I decide to call it an evening. Hopefully there will be more activity tomorrow.

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