Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finding some pew

The past weekend has to count as one of the more boring weekends in my wormhole history. It was a holiday weekend in the United States and I had a considerable amount of time available which I spent looking for targets with nothing to show for it.

However, that is about to change. As I log in, my corpmates have caught up with some people ratting and managed to kill a couple of Tengus and the most expensive Drake I have ever seen. Of course, I have logged in 10 minutes to late to participate in this action.

After they return from the engagement, we roll the static and continue looking for targets. Nothing! Not even a mouse is stirring. Finally, since I have a compelling urge to shoot something, a couple of us decide to run some sites in our static before we call it a night. We have a nice static with several lucrative sites and a quiet connecting C2.

Scouts are deployed and we run three sites before switching out for a salvager. We are cleaning up the third and final site when we see a Buzzard and a Tengu on d-scan. There are no new signatures and since we have a scout on the C2, there is no way the pilot came from that direction. Either the pilot came from our home system or someone logged in who lives in the static.

We scurry home leaving 5-6 of the wrecks unlooted and unsalvaged. We deploy probes to find that there is a new wormhole in our static. Our scouts report that they now have probes in both the static and the connecting C2. Activity has found us!

I jump into the new wormhole in our home system to find a rather quiet C5. After a little scouting around we decide to collapse the incoming connection. Four battleships and a carrier later, the incoming connection is dead and we set a trap on the old wormhole for the returning pilot.

The static wormhole still has combat probes active in it. We give it a few minutes but nothing happens so I go check out the C2. As I jump into the C2, a Buzzard decloaks and jumps into our static. I wasn't fast enough to get the pilot name but the ship tag does not match those belonging to the C2. The C2 now has a third Orca which I will assume is piloted since it was not there on our earlier scouting trip.

With known activity and combat probes in the static, there is nothing I can do about the activity in the C2 at the moment. I head back into the static and ask for a Drake to return to our site and retrieve the rest of our loot. Maybe whoever has combat probes will engage the salvaging Drake and give us something to shoot at.

The Drake lands in the site and begins slow boating to the wrecks and sure enough the combat probes start moving in on him. It takes a minute but they get a lock and a few seconds later a Tengu uncloaks and begins shooting the wrecks. The Drake burns toward the Tengu and tackles him while the rest of the fleet jumps into the static.

Once the tackle is established we warp the fleet in on him and get additional tackles and webs on him while waiting on our HIC pilot to show up. The Tengu is then burned down and lestradd is sent back to the cloning vat. It seems we have caught and killed a pilot who lives in the C4. I guess he didn't like us running his sites.

During the fight, I catch sight of another Tengu and a Pilgrim on d-scan plus the unaccounted for C5 pilot and the activity in the C2. I deploy probes again in the C4 to find a new signature. Scanning it down reveals an outbound connection to a C2. What a minute! What? I bookmark the wormhole and warp back to the original C2 to find it gone. I guess the occupants of the C2 didn't like the looks of our fleet and collapsed the wormhole while we were busy killing the Tengu.

This leaves the C5 pilot stranded out of our reach so we head home. A bit of ISK for the wallet and a nice T3 kill for our effort.

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