Saturday, October 20, 2012

Killing a Chimera

An alliance wide call goes out that there is a fleet sieging a tower with a static high sec. We are going to disrupt that POS bash and kill a capital ship which is on the field. Ship type? Shield fleet since it is a pulsar. Crap! I do not have a shield PvP ship.

I jump into an alt and grab a passive tanked PvE Tengu. At least I can put DPS on the called targets and the logisitics pilots will have no trouble keeping me alive. I do not have a point, but with a fleet this shouldn't be too big a deal.

The rally system is called and I start moving that way along with various other members and friends of the alliance. Asking who wants in on a capital kill is like throwing someone who is cut and bleeding into a shark tank. Everyone wants in on it.

We arrive at the staging system and people start trickling in. Because the tower is a small tower, we decide to go as soon as we have 2 logistics pilots in the staging system. Less than half the scrambling pilots are in system when the second Basilisk pilot shows and we head to the target system.

The wormhole is bubbled but we quickly burn out of the bubbles and one of the local pilots whose tower is under siege is asked to make a hero tackle on the carrier. He tackles the Chimera and the fleet warps in and starts firing on targets.

The DPS splits and the carrier pilot cannot keep everyone up. Ships start to go down as more of our fleet arrives. Calling targets is affected as their are close to 20 floating ships inside the POS. However, we manage to kill a good portion of the sieging fleet and they manage to bubble their own carrier. Once the field is cleared of all piloted hostile ships, we focus on the Chimera and make fairly short work of it.

We loot and shoot the field and head back to the now crit wormhole to find several stragglers from their fleet warp in and try to make it out. A few make it, a few don't and we collapse the wormhole during the process.

A fleet scout scans down the new high sec and the fleet exits with smiles on our faces.

Engagement Report:

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