Friday, October 19, 2012

A busy evening

I log in and ask what is going on. Not suprising, the answer is nothing which is exactly what was going on when I logged out previously. The static chain is uninspiring but I go ahead and jump into the static and discover much that the scanning was very sloppy. Instead of the expected 4 signatures, there are 23 signatures which resolve to rocks, gas, mags and radars. Less interesting than I had hoped.

Since one of our directors is putting up a new tower and needs a route to high sec, we roll the static away and start over. When the old wormhole dies, we get 2 new signatures instead of the expected single signature. Along with the new static, we also have a K162 from a class 5 wormhole.

There is no visible activity in the connecting C5 so we roll that wormhole away before starting our scouting of the new static chain. A couple of scouts jump into the new static and I take a short break to handle a few real life mundane chores.

As I sit back down, there is an emergency call for battleships, falcons and webs on the static. The only thing I can determine from my limited questions is that they are running from Combat Probes. Huh? I never did figure this one out. There was more to this story than what I know. As requested, I jump into a Falcon and watch them roll the wormhole.

My curiosity dies with the wormhole and just as I start to jump into the C4 to start scouting, we have another K162 open from a C5 into our home system. I look around in the system and see nothing particularly interesting so we decide to close it.

We jump 4 battleships through and then warp them off before landing the carrier on the wormhole. The carrier jumps and the pilot starts screaming about an incoming fleet. As he is calling out ship types on d-scan, we scramble into a kitchen sink pvp fleet and warp to the wormhole. The carrier jumps back, the wormhole dies leaving the fleet on the other side. At this point, local lights up. We have evidently trapped their scout in our system.

In the meantime, we discover that there are 9 active pilots in our new static with 4 Tengus, a Drake, a Hurricane, a couple of scouts and a couple of transport ships moving around. However, there are no wrecks at the moment so we are watching a waiting. As we are waiting, we continue talking to the scout trapped in our system and discover that several of us were in a corp with one of their fleet members at one time.

Eventually, after multiple ship changes, gathering some PI, making a trip to the local market, random warping for no apparent reason and anything else you can conceive to do in a wormhole, two Tengus and a Drake warp off and disappear. Supposedly into their static C4 (c4a).

Since the rest of the pilots are now logged off and with no visible presence in their home system. We scan down the wormhole they jumped through and move our fleet up. The scout who was in our system tags along in a borrowed Guardian for fun until we can find him a way home. One of our scouts jumps into the c4a and reports they are in a site with wrecks. He uses d-scan to figure out where they are and warps in to get a fix for a fleet warp in.

However, as he is moving into position, the Drake explodes from sleeper fire and then one of the Tengus also explodes. Our scout uncloaks and whores the killmail for the second Tengu and the fleet warps in save his Proteus and manages to catch Celius prime and transfer him to a cloning vat.

Meanwhile, I am sitting in the static on the c4a wormhole along with a HIC. The remaining two pilots jump into the static into our waiting hands. One pilot tries to run for it and the other jumps back to the static. Plethura Zom tried running for it and failed much like his ship in the c4 site.

Our scout deploys combat probes and we start chasing the pilot around the system. We put a HIC in one of his safes once we find it with the bubble up and continue chasing him around with ships and probes. We offer a ransom and based on the value of the other kill mails we were willing to take 200M. He refuses to respond to the offer and eventually he revisits the spot where we have the HIC waiting. Rick O'Shea would have been much smarter to negotiate the ransom when he is running around with those implants in wormhole space.

They lost 2 Tengus and a Drake to the sleepers in a C4 site and then 2.5B ISK worth of implants to our fleet trying to get back home. Obviously, this wasn't one of their better days.

We still need to get this neutral scout out of our system so the wormhole is rolled again looking for a route to k-space. This time we get a static with a connecting C3 but there is a Tengu and a Noctis on d-scan with wrecks.

The neutral pilot deploys probes, gets an unbelieveably fast lock on the Noctis and warps in for the tackle with his Cheetah. Our fleet jumps in and very quickly we destroy the Noctis and send Plinarr back to k-space. We loot the wrecks as the local Tengu pilot curses us in local. We deploy probes and find the C3 which contains a EOL connection to high sec. The neutral pilot jumps to high sec with thanks for the interesting evening. We pull back and roll our static again, still looking for a good high sec route for our director who is putting up the POS.

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