Friday, October 12, 2012

Taking bait

The corp has been scanning chains for quite some time when I log in and the first thing I am asked to do is jump in a HIC and collapse the static. Evidently, they have been chain rolling wormholes looking for someone to kill.

The scouts head into our static and report combat probes on d-scan. However, the probes are not moving so they scan out the system and jump into the neighboring C2. This wormhole also has probes out and they find a C3 connection, a C5 connection and a high sec exit in the C2. A little cat and mouse activity occurs with us seeing a Helios and Loki on d-scan but only getting eyes on the Helios.

The other group then sends a Drake into one of the anomolies. This looks and feels like BAIT! However, that is not going to stop us since it means is that we may get a good fight out of them. We assemble a couple of guardians, a falcon and our dps and warp in on the Drake.

As we drop in on the Drake, they have pilots start pouring in as well. I see at least 2 Lokis, a Legion to two, several Tengus, an Oracle and a Scimitar. The fight is on, their Drake goes down pretty quickly but we lose an Anathema and a Falcon in the site before they bug out and head home once they see our Guardians land.

We chase them to the hole and I manage to tackle their Scimitar on the other side, while another group tackles an Oracle. Our Broadsword shows up before the Scimitar goes down and we send XYON back to the cloning vat. Once these ships go down, the FC calls us back to the wormhole.

Before I can make it back to the wormhole a Legion warps in and collides with me about 20km short of the wormhole. Needless to say, I immediately tackle the Legion and notify the FC that we have another target tackled on grid. We finish off the Legion and loot the wreck to find some nice deadspace modules. Not sure what he was doing warping in when everyone else was fleeing for their lives, but I appreciate the new gear.

Good fights are exchanged in local and discussions start about round 2. We have finally found a group willing to fight and our scout reports they have moved a carrier onto the field 90km from the wormhole. We get organized and obtain some additional help from our friends at LOST before moving in for the next round.

Unfortunately, this round went to Fantabulously Terrific Wonderment. We have never heard of you guys, but you brought a good fight. We ended up with our Guardians too close and some of our DPS too far away. Their Bhaalgorn was able to disrupt our cap chain very quickly and once the Guardians went down, it was only a matter of time before we lost other ships.

A full accounting of the engagement can be found here. Even though we lost, it was a fun fight with nearly equal numbers of pilots. I think both sides had close to 20 people engaged.

Since it is late and I was given a free ride trip to high sec, I make the few jumps over to Jita and log for the night. I will have to replace my Proteus and implants sometime when I am not so tired.

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