Friday, October 26, 2012

A T3 skirmish

We are scouting our static chain when one of the scouts reports an Orca in the C3a wormhole. While we are getting a fix on the POS another scout reports a Proteus on d-scan. Based on the name of the ship, we believe the pilot is from Kill it With Fire and they are not the inhabitants of the static or the C3a.

I am asked by the FC to jump into the C3b and deploy probes to see where they are coming from as it is believed the pilot is bringing in a new ship from high sec and hasn't bothered to rename it yet. My scout jumps and drops probes on the wormhole since nothing is on d-scan.

I cloak up and locate the tower before sending my probes out for a blanket scan. There are only 3 signatures in the system and based on the signal strength, they are all almost guaranteed to be wormholes. One is the wormhole I just came through, one the static low sec and the other is a K162 from a C5 which has been massed down.

I  pull my probes, report what I have found and then hit d-scan as I start my warp to the C5a wormhole. However, d-scan shows a Legion and Zealot so I stop warp and continue watching the C3b->static connection. A Legion, Zealot, Tengu and Proteus show up and jump through to our static.

Our scouts track their movement to the HS and we put a Drake in the C3a on the static connection. Meanwhile the rest of our fleet is in the static on a perch above the C3a. It only takes a couple of minutes before the Drake is engaged. They most likely recognized the bait but were hoping they had the fleet to deal with whatever came through.

The Drake held for a while and then jumped into the static and held cloak. Three of us were assigned to cross jump and tackle on the other side while our Broadsword put a bubble up in the static and the rest of our fleet engaged.

The hostile fleet followed the Drake but jumped back quickly when they saw our fleet which polarizes them in the c3a. We spread tackles and pin 3 of the 5 pilots on the wormhole. The Legion of Ghost Speed is the first to die followed by Ghost Speed himself. Next up is Santafee who is also in a Legion. Santafee managed to nuet out the Broadsword just long enough to escape with his pod.

Bronski Bomb was in a Proteus with a huge tank and managed to burn outside the bubble before his ship went down. Stark diver in the Tech 3 Falcon (Tengu) warped after the bubble was up and was podded in the encounter.

The Zealot and a cloaky Proteus were able to escape during the encounter. Good fight!

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