Saturday, June 1, 2013

Incoming Null with Hostiles

I log in and find a null sec already bookmarked in our system. Someone has been on earlier and marked a new signature in the home system. I decide to go check it out and discover that the null sec is in Impass. Nothing much to see and no one in local so I head back into our home system and jump into the C2. Some scouting around in here find nothing of any signficance.

I jump back into our home and go AFK to take care of some chores around the house. When I return, a couple more pilots have logged in. We are discussing what we want to do when we see a Helios on d-scan. Since I am sitting cloaked at the current null-sec and another pilot was at the C2, we assume there must be a new sig. I throw out probes and sure enough, we have a new K162. I lock it up and warp to it to find we have a second null sec now in our system.

I jump my scout into null sec and find that we are still in Impasse, only 6 jumps from the other null sec. This time, there are three pilots in system not including the scout which we know to be in our wormhole.

It takes a few minutes but eventually more pilots show up and they warp a Loki, Legion, Tengu, Hyperion to the wormhole and jump into our system. The Loki burns away from the wormhole and cloaks while the rest just sit on the wormhole.

Is this a bait fleet? Looks like one, smells like one. They are wanting a response and we are the fighting carebears so we decide to give them a fight. We field a Drake, Sleipnir, Rattlesnake and (wait for it ....) an Archon. Yep! A shield repping Archon. We reship and align to the wormhole assuming they have eyes on us. There is no spike in local so we warp to zero on the wormhole.

We engage and I call the Hyperion as primary while they focus on our Rattlesnake. The Hyperion explodes very fast and the rest of their fleet jumps back to null sec. There has been no spike in local, only a late arriving Omen Navy so we follow them into null sec. The Loki and the Omen escape while I lock the Legion and call him as primary and the Legion pilot locks the Tengu. The Legion is going down slowly but he has burned well out of range of my reps leaving me vulnerable if they counter. I ultimately decide to let him go.

I swap primary to the Tengu and we scoop our spoils and jump back into our wormhole which leaves the connection crit. I jump into a hole rolling heavy interdictor and finish off the wormhole for good measure.

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