Saturday, June 22, 2013


The new patch has arrived and we have several people curious about the new hacking mechanics and a convenient low sec connection in our home system. The curious hackers jump to low sec and spread out to find the new data and relic sites.

The first pilot finds a site in the initial low sec and warps in to try the new mechanics. While he is there, a neutral pilot warps into the same site in a Helios and starts hacking as well. That is unacceptable and the call goes out for a DPS pilot to come take care of the neutral pilot.

One of our corpmates borrows my sniping Naga and heads to the low sec wormhole. The corp mate in the site has him wait until the nuetral pilot starts hacking the next can and then calls him into the site. The sniper warps in at 70km and starts locking the Helios with weapons hot. The first indication he has that the Helios is gone is the notification of a sec status hit.

At this point, I am laughingly imagining the confusion on the part of the Helios pilot as he gets a notification that the can is no longer accessible due to the correct module being unavailable. Our sniper decides not to shoot the pod and take the large sec status penalty.

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