Saturday, June 15, 2013

The dangers of low sec

The night gets off to a slow start. The static c2 wormhole is EOL and there are no other interesting sigs in the home system. I collapse the c2 and then scan down the new static. The new wormhole has nothing of interest so I scan down the connecting low-sec and c2 and then jump the low-sec.

There are 2 pilots in local and my interest perks considerably when I notice a ton of wrecks on d-scan along with a Vargur and a Ferox(?). Really! The pilots appear to be sitting in empty space so our scout warps to the outer plan and drops probes.

We scan them down without being particularly quick about it and warp to the entry gate of the complex. At this point, we send a tackler through the entry gate and he lands on top of the Ferox. We warp the rest of the fleet into the site and destroy the Ferox in short order.

We loot the field and start to head back when we notice the guy has reshipped to a Navy Megathron. He warps around a bit and we finally locate him on the entry gate to the site. This looks like bait but there are only 2 ships in system and one of them is a Thanatos. We decide to jump him and see what happens. We do not really believe he will warp the Thanatos into the site.

We line up and jump the Navy Mega and have him about 50% through armor when to our surprise, the Thanatos lands on field and starts repping the Navy Mega and neuting the hell out of us. In the end, we lose a Proteus and a Loki to this guy.

It is cool to see someone willing to engage a small fleet with a capital ship. Even though we lost badly, this was a fun engagement. I wish more people were willing to give you a fight instead of hiding when hostile pilots show up.

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