Saturday, June 8, 2013

Losing a Hauler

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We have experienced both sides of this equation and while I often write of our wins, sometimes the story of a loss can be just as entertaining.

When I log in for the evening, there are a couple of other pilots already online. The route through our chain had been scouted earlier in the day. We have an incoming low sec which I head out to investigate while one of the other pilots decides to run some PI stuff to high sec.

He loads up and jumps into the C2 to find a Stilletto sitting on the wormhole. I jump back into the C2 and reship to a Moa. In the meantime, the other pilot in system warps to the C2 in his stealth bomber just to give him something else to shoot at while the hauler attempts to escape.

Part 1 of the plan works. The Stilletto engages our Nemesis allowing the hauler to escape and warp to the high sec. Unfortunately, the Stilleto pilot also manages to get Wolwen's pod just as I land on the wormhole. I lock the Stilletto and disable his warp engines along with his MWD but he jumps before I can kill him and is out of range on the other side of the wormhole very quickly.

In the meantime, the Badger pilot discovered an anchored bubble on the high sec and was killed within sight of safety be a Drake sitting on the high sec. He manages to get his pod back home and we both reship into cloaky T3 ships and move back into the C2.

The Stilletto pilot reships to a Cyclone and warps to the C2. We engage him while the Drake pilot burns out of the high sec bubble and comes to join the fight. Meanwhile, one of our other pilots jumps into a Exequror and warps at range on the C2. The Cyclone is ASB fit but we are burning him down. However, they are making a pretty good dent in our Legion as well.

We jump home and get reps on the Legion expecting them to follow us. However, they never jump the wormhole after us. Overall, this was a fun engagement where they ended up with the better end of the deal. Good fight!

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