Saturday, May 25, 2013

Silly Heron

We are in the process of completing a C5 Mag site in a fleet of Tengus and Basi's when a new sig appears followed almost immediately by a Heron on d-scan. I immediately think to myself that he will jump back after seeing our fleet. However, I was wrong. He starts dropping probes.

I jump into my trusted scout killer and we drop probes to find the new wormhole. A few seconds later, we have the wormhole and I instruct everyone to warp fast locking ships to the new wormhole. It is a inbound connection from a C4 and the Heron pilot is still probing our system.

I drop combat probes with my alt and scan down the Heron, when I land he is 75km away and burning fast. Time for some creative strategy. Most pilots always run the way they came when spooked. I decloak my Buzzard and active my MWD straight toward him. He notices this right away and warps ..... (yep) right back the way he came. Silly Heron!

The Heron lands on our fleet and jumps on contact. Of course, we had bubble ships on both sides of that wormhole. He wasn't going anywhere. The Heron is killed and we give the pilot a free trip to a cloning vat as a reward.

I would recommend using d-scan when you jump into a system. If you are scouting in a non-cloaky ship, it is probably recommended to immediately retreat if you see a fleet of 7-10 ships on d-scan along with a bunch of wrecks. Just a thought!

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