Saturday, March 30, 2013

Popping a wormhole

After killing the Legion and Drake (see previous post), we pull back and leave scouts on the C5 connection and resolve the high sec connection to see where it goes. Heimatar, how uninspiring. It is a mere 27 jumps from our static high sec and nowhere remotely close to anything anyone needs.

It may still provide some traffic though as we find another K162 from a class 1 wormhole. Everything is quite for a bit. Then our scout reports activation on the C5. A pilot jumps through with a Vigilant and warps to high sec. Followed by a viator. Now that could be interesting. The Vigilant is scouting for the covert hauler. LOL!

I move my Phobos onto the C5 wormhole and bubble up with a small fleet of cloaky T3 lurking nearby. It is kind of creepy knowing they are out there but not being able to see them. The wormhole flares and it appears that my FC skills need some work as one of our battlecruisers was hanging out at the high sec. Of course, they engage the Vigilant who flees back to high sec. DRAT!

I get the non-cloaky ship back to where I want him and then we continue waiting. It doesn't take long and the C5 wormhole flares. A Brutix appears, sees us and then immediately jumps back. The wormhole is crit so I only send 3 people in after the Brutix. Making sure at least one of them has probes.

The Brutix goes down quickly and even without the HIC, they manage to snag the pod as well. I have them pull back into the C2 in a very specific order and as the pilot with probes jumps, the wormhole dies to mass.

The Vigilant pokes his head back in, but does not warp to the wormhole. He was most likely warned about our fleet by his friend who is now back in high sec.

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  1. Don't forget that the HIC's bubble, when active, significantly drops the ship's mass. It would have been pretty safe to send yourself through that critical wormhole, as long as you activated the bubble each time.

    And congratulations on another good kill.