Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stalking a Proteus

The time has come to roll the static looking for something new. People are still moving into the new wormhole so we do not want to unduly stress the high sec. Fortunately, since we live in a C2, there is always another direction to take. We push a few ships through the wormhole and a few minutes later it is gone. Leaving us with a new opportunity.

Our scout jumps in and reports 1 Venture, no towers on d-scan. Two planets are out of d-scan range of the wormhole. We send a second scout into the wormhole and they report a single tower with no other visible ships. The scout is zeroing in on the location with d-scan when the Venture disappears and the second scout reports the Venture is back at the tower.

Our first scout drops probes and quickly resolves the site while the Venture pilot swaps to a Proteus. Suprisingly, the site is Gravimetric instead of the expected Ladar. Well, the Venture can fit mining lasers so maybe we shouldn't be totally shocked.

The Proteus returns and starts killing the 3 small sleepers while our scout tries to work his way into position. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for him, the process doesn't take too long and he warps off before our scout gets into position for the tackle.

All is not lost as the pilot swaps to a Noctis and returns to salvage the wrecks. Our scout tackles the Noctis and we send a single pilot in a Prophecy to engage the Noctis. The pilot renames his ship so that it appears to be 1 person dual boxing with a covert ops scout and a battlecruiser. We are hoping the pilot will reship and come back with the Proteus.

The Noctis explodes rather quickly but it appears the pilot has no interest in round 2. Either he had a sixth sense or he was a complete carebear. Either way, he disappears without giving us another target.

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