Monday, March 4, 2013

Site running Domi's

Jumping into the new C4 has me double checking my overview settings. There are ships showing on this thing. Something must be wrong. I have 2 Dominix Navy ships, a Megathron, a Guardian and a whole lot of sleeper wrecks along with the expected small fleet of drones.

First, I check anomolies to see if they are running combat sites but no such luck. Evidently, they must be in a Mag or Radar. One planet sits well outside d-scan range so our scout warps out and deploys probes. A wide range scan shows that two Mag sites.

I have narrowed down their location and we are just about ready to scan for them, when they disappear from my narrow band d-scan and return to their tower. They are only there for a couple of minutes when they warp out again. More wrecks start appearing so we now believe they are in the second Mag site.

We narrow in their position and since they are now out of d-scan range of our wormhole, we jump an additional heavy tackle into the system. Once we have a good idea of where they are, we scan for them. Our scout gets a positive lock and warps the tackle squad to the site. However, we arrive to find nothing but sleepers. It seems our quarry was watching d-scan.

One of them reships to an Anathema and they begin searching for our wormhole. We have the fleet disappear and it doesn't take long for the Anathema to find and jump our wormhole. Probes are deployed in our home and they start scanning it. In a few minutes, one of the characters in the C4 reships to a Prowler and warps to our static connection. We let him go hoping to get something better later.

Nearly 40 minutes later, everyone but the Anathema pilot and the Prowler pilot have logged. When the Prowler jumps back into our home system, we decloak our fleet in their C4 home. When he jumps we have a surprise party for him. Even more surprising, I manage to get a positive lock with my Loki.

The rest of the fleet warps to the C4 connection, but the Prowler jumps back into our home system and warps away before anyone can lock him. He returns to hi-sec and we pop his wormhole. The night had such promise, but the suspects were paying attention and evaded our clutches.

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