Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stalking a Domi

We are waiting to see what the Vigilant pilot from the previous post will do, when we notice a couple of Domi's appear for a short time on d-scan. We throw out probes and scan down the new sigs but it appears we are too late. I land on site with the last sig to find nothing but empty space.

Wait a minute, one of the Domi's appears for a short time and then disappears again. Maybe one of them got stuck. We move an Onyx to the high sec and I reship to a dual webbed Loki. In a bit, the Domi reappears and launches probes confirming our suspicion of a trapped pilot.

We play games chasing the pilot for a bit before he finally warps into our trap at the high sec. However, our trap is pretty fail as the Domi pilots turns around and warps off before anyone gets a disruptor on him.

I am outside the bubble so I chase him immediately to planet 11 custom office while another pilot goes to the planet at zero and 1 more at 100. I land on him at the custom office but before I can gain a lock, he is in warp again toward the cluster of planets near the sun. I make a guess and immediately chase, but evidently I chose wrong becuase he is not there when I land and before I can warp somewhere else, he drops off d-scan.

Wow! That was a fast Domi! I have never seen a shield fit hole roller but there is no way he had plates given his speed and how fast he was able to turn and get to warp. In the end, we give up the chase. His patience was better than ours and we have another scout with a more promising target.

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