Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baiting Battlecruisers

I am sitting on the high sec, working on a blog article when I hear an activation. Then a second and yet a third. The ships are holding cloak and I am waiting to see what unfolds. The first ship to appear is an Incursus, followed by a Drake and a Brutix.

The Incursus burns away from the high sec wormhole and I am not going to catch him in my cloaked Proteus. However, I decide to uncloak and drive the other two ships off to see what he does. I uncloak my Proteus and engage the Brutix, I get him into armor pretty quickly and both he and the drake jump back to high sec.

By this time, the Incursus is nearly 130 km away and still going. A corp mate has now arrived in a drake and he lands on the wormhole also watching the Incursus. The Incursus drops a can at 250 km but destroys it before I am able to bookmark it. He then jumps back to the high and jumps.

In the meantime, another corp mate has arrived in the high sec system and jumps to the wormhole in his Buzzard. The Drake pilot and the Brutix pilot are still on the wormhole so our Drake pilot decides to jump into a Prophecy and I put my alt into a Exequror and we warp both of them to a safe out of d-scan range of the wormhole.

Soon the Incursus pilot returns in a Drake and all 3 ships jump into our wormhole and immediately warp to their safe. Once they land, one of the pilots drops and can and I am fast enough this time to grab the bookmark and immediately warp to them.

I decloak in warp and call in the Prophecy. The Buzzard pilot jumps in and quickly reships to another Exequror as well. I lock and point Zedek Drako in the Brutix and start shooting while putting a second point on Enki Cluk'Tak in a Drake.

Once my alt lands and starts repping my Proteus, the hostile pilots realize that they are not making any progess on the Proteus and swap DPS to the Prophecy. This was a good move since the Prophecy had less than 1/4 the tank of the Proteus. However, by this time, our third corp mate has arrived in another Exequror and both repping ships swap the DPS.

The Brutix goes down and I swap the point from him to the second Drake pilot, Cosmin Soava. Enki is the second primary and both Drakes swap their drones to the my alt's Exequror but this is going to be too little, way too late. The first Drake goes down, following rather quickly by the third Drake.

All three pilots are sitting on the high sec in pods while we loot and exchange good fights in local. This was a fun engagement and the difference in the fight was made by 2 logisitics cruisers. Thanks for the fight guys!


  1. Cool fight!
    I learn a lot from your play by plays.

    Umm...possibly dumb question inbound: what was the purpose of the Incursus pilot's dropped cans? He could have just bookmarked his position at 250km, right? What am I missing?

  2. I am not completely sure why he dropped cans. He can just bookmark his location. Maybe he didn't know that? If they had been in different corps it might have made more sense. As it was, it gave me a shortcut to jump in on him and kill him before he got bored.