Friday, May 10, 2013

Rolling Fleet+

I log in just as another group finishes running sites in our static. They roll the wormhole and I jump into our new connection. There is a Helios and a tower on d-scan. A quick check shows that the Helios is at the tower. While I locate the tower, we have 2 people drop probes and resolve the system.

The Helios is piloted but is not moving and I quickly lose interest. The scouts resolve the system and find the expected C3 static and a K162 from a C4. I check out the C3 which has no visible sign of pilots. Another scout checks out the C4 and finds several ships and a tower on d-scan.

The scout goes to find their tower while we assemble a fleet. Several of the ships are piloted so we are hopeful to get some action from them. The scout reports a Scorpion followed by a Dominix warping to the wormhole and another pilot is in an Armageddon. We suspect they may be intending to roll the wormhole and sure enough it flairs in front of me. The Scorpion jumps in and back followed shortly by the Dominix.

I instruct one of our pilots (Kalseth)  to move forward in his cloaky Legion and then cross jump the next trip. A few minutes later the wormhole flares and Kalseth cross jumps. I instruct the rest of the fleet to jump into our static and hold cloak. Kalseth reports a Dominix, Armageddon and a Scorpion. He is able to get a lock on the Dominix but the Armageddon cloaks before he gains a lock. and engages the Dominix. I fleet warp the rest of us to the wormhole with instructions to jump on contact and spread points.

As we are landing, on the now reduced wormhole, a Falcon decloaks and attempts to jam Kalseth. The fleet jumps and I modify the instructions to primary the Falcon. I point the Falcon from 43km and the fleet makes short work of Pedro Montana's Falcon. He quickly warps his pod away from the action.

As we spread out from the wormhole, we managed to decloak Oreamnos Amric in his Armageddon. Or maybe he just decided to join in the brawl even though he knew there was no hope of winning. Either way, the Armageddon went down and Areamnos was given a free trip to the medical vat.

Next up was the originally locked Dominix flown by StudleyManiac. Who also received a free trip for showing up. Now where did that Scorpion go? We know he was around here when this thing started and he isn't on d-scan anymore. We lost a ship somewhere. We spread out around the wormhole hoping to decloak him. We didn't find the Scorpion but we did uncover a Noctis belonging to Studley Doright. One more free ticket! I would suggest putting the Noctis further away from the wormhole next time.

GF is exchanged in local and I strike up a conversation with a couple of these guys. They ask if we mind closing the wormhole on our way out. They seem like good guys and so we all jump back with prop mods active but it isn't enough to collapse the wormhole.

Since there are a lot of sites in the static, I agree to a temporary peace treaty so they can finish collapsing the wormhole. A few minutes later a Loki jumps into the static and crits the wormhole. The Loki jumps back and the Scorpion pilot (so that is where he went) decloaks and collapses the wormhole.

A couple of days later, I received an email from one of the pilots with the following link which provides the story from their perspective. Fly dangerous my friends!

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