Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching Scouts

How many times have you tried to catch a covert ops ship? I have tried and tried and tried and tried with very little success. That is until recently. Someone I flew with recently used a different strategy to catch covert ops ships and I have decided to try it myself.

I am mostly AFK when a scout in a Helios jumps into our system. He scouts our system and then jumps into our static. Once he jumps our static, I deploy probes and find the C4 he came in through. He comes back in a bit and logs off. The C4 he came through has 18 ladar/grav sites so we bookmark them and a couple of corp mates clear the rats and start mining gas.

Later that same evening the original scout jumps back into the C4. At this point, I jump into my new scout killer and warp to our connection. Sure enough the wormhole flares. I poop a bubble out and get ready to lock the Helios pilot. I lock him up as soon as he appears and he jumps back to the C4.

I follow in my dictor and poop another interdiction bubble on the C4. The Helios appears and cloaks quickly, but I was able to get his direction and decloak him before he can evade the bubble. Positive lock, guns active and just before he goes down at the edge of my original bubble, the timer on my first launcher comes back up and I was able to launch another bubble. Jack Barnes is separated from his Helios and sent back to the cloning vat! Finally! I was able to catch a covert ops ship!

Just to prove it wasn't a fluke, the same ship and technique worked the next day on Mary Castro and her pod.

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