Saturday, April 27, 2013

Interrupting a POCO Bash

It is about time for me to log for the night when a scout reports an Abaddon and a Talos attacking a POCO a few jumps out. I guess I will trade sleep for a kill as I head toward the target system. The fleet is only 1 jump out, when the scout reports the appearance of a Proteus on d-scan who launches probes and scares the ships back to their tower.

We setup our fleet in the neighboring wormhole and wait for the Proteus to come to us. However, he must rate as the worst scout ever. Nearly 30 minutes elapse and he is still moving probes around and has yet to re-appear.

He eventually reappears on d-scan and then vanishes. We wait several more minutes and then our scout puts out probes and finds a new C4 sig. He heads upstream and reports finding a Double Down pilot just before our second scout still in the target system reports a Cheetah, followed immediately by an Abaddon and Talos reappearing on d-scan.

The danger has gone (or so they think) and they head back to the POCO. Our first scout returns and both scouts move into position. They decloak and tackle both ships while the fleet jumps and warps to the gank.

Both the Talos and the Abaddon go down very quickly. We lock Abel Sandoz's capsule and provide a free trip to the cloning vat. Next up is the capsule of MM3 McKee. Once the battle is over, we pull up the kill reports and almost fall out of our chairs laughing.

Pro Tip for MM3: If you are going to POCO bash in a half fit ship, leave the expensive implants at home.

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  1. That's just crazy all over. Probes have gone so the threat is gone? Madness. Madness!