Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ratting Paladin

I am paying less than half of my attention to Eve when an unusual scouting report comes in. Scout 1 reporting that I have a Paladin ratting in a C2 site. Say that again, please! I have a ratting Paladin in a C2 combat site. Oh whew! I thought for a minute that you had a Paladin running sites alone in a C2 combat site. I do! Why? Who knows but lets kill him!

We scramble the necessary jumps and make it to the system before he finishes the site. The scout tackles the Paladin and the fleet jumps and and warps to him. The Paladin goes down very quickly but we are dissappointed in the tech 2 fit. The pilot was probably underwhelmed with the performance against our fleet as well.

Thanks to the heavy interdictor, we capture the pod and make sure everyone gets on the kill. We clean up and loot the wrecks before clearing out and heading back home thinking this was the end of the story.

Later in the evening, we are stalking someone else when one of our directors reports that the pilot we killed, Lead Faith just placed a bounty of 20M on our corporation. We laugh and discuss this for about 60 seconds when someone suggests that we return the favor and place 20M apiece on him.

If you happen to run into Lead Faith, he was sporting close to a 300M ISK bounty the last I checked.

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