Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Fall of Insidious Design - Part 1

After our encounter a few weeks back with Insidious Design (here), I left a neutral alt in their wormhole. I had not bothered logging the character back in since then. However, I was able to leave work early and decided to check out the system for some potential pew later in the day.

I scanned down the wormhole and bookmarked both the high sec and their connecting static. I waited around for a bit and then jumped to high sec and contracted the bookmarks to my main character before disappearing back into the wormhole.

While loitering in the system, I watch them kill a Magnate, a pilot who had very unflattering things to say in local just before he was podded. Dude! This is wormhole space. That warning message when you attempted to jump through should have been an indication that it might not be safe. Just saying!

Next to show up is a Catalyst, who also gets podded. Then the pilot returns in a shuttle and gets podded again for his persistence. They roll the C4 several times looking for pew and evidently managed to pop a Proteus on one of these incursions into their static.

I scan and shadow them for a while before deciding to put together a fleet to engage them. The activity level has been pretty good so we decide to go with a 6 man fleet which is less than their 10 pilots who are online but should be enough to encourage a good fight.

The plan is fairly simple, I have moved my alt into position on their current C4 where they have a active bubble camp. They have a Phobos, Loki and a Tengu sitting on their static C4 connection with the rest of their fleet in the towers. The fleet lands on the high sec connection and we jump into their wormhole where I immediately throw us into warp to the C4. Like all battle plans, this one goes to hell almost immediately. I suspect they had eyes on the high sec since they are bugging out before we even land on grid with them. The phobos jumps to the C4. The loki disappears and the Tengu warps back to his tower.

We hang out for a while hoping they will engage but nothing happens. Rather than waste any more time, we head back home never realizing that we were playing a key part in a much bigger plan.

to be continued........

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