Saturday, February 16, 2013

Basilisk on a Rohk

Sites! Sites! Sites! Where are the people who live in these towers? That is a question which I am not likely to get answered any time soon. Therefore, we jump into our site running ships to kill what is in the C4, sleepers. ISK is never a bad thing. We are trying a new method of running sites which should prove interesting.

We settled in and ran 11 anomolies and 2 radars before we received a message from another corp that they had found some people running sites in a C3. A quick check shows that the entry to the target system is only 8 jumps away. Eight jumps is nothing! The fleet splits into two groups with several people staying to clean up the mess (wrecks) we have left floating in the C4 and the rest grabbing PvP ships.

Since I was told we were joining a rag-tag kitchen sink fleet, I decided to grab a Moa. The thing is so ugly that I am always relieved when one gets exploded; even if I am the one piloting the darn thing. I feel the world is better off without such an ugly thing in existence. Seems like the perfect ship for rag tag fleets.

The hostile group is running sites (slowly I might add) with a Rohk, Basilisk and a Drake. As we form up in the C3a, a Noctis joins the fleet on grid and cloaks. Our scouts move into position and tackle all three ships. Primary is called on the Rohk and by the time I land, the primary has been switched to the Basilisk. The Rohk melts, but I manage to get a point on it just in time to whore the killmail.

The Basilisk doesn't survive much longer than the Rohk. The Drake pilot had to sit patiently and wait for his buddies to die before we finally get around to destroying his ship as well. All three pilots are podded and there was not a single implant between all three pilots. Evidently, they planned on getting podded this evening.

I continue to be amazed by people who run sites in wormholes without taking an ounce of precaution to secure the wormhole. Oblivious pilots provide great kill board material.

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