Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reversing a trap

This particular evening starts very differently than most. I log into the game in high sec. The wormhole has moved from the 24 jumps of earlier in the day to only 8 jumps. Which is a good thing because voice comms have simply exploded.

A group from an inbound C3 is in our home system and have already gotten a couple of kills. A Wreathe, a what? A Wreathe. Ok, I will look up what that is later. What else. A Drake and a Thrasher. The hostile group has a couple of guardians, a rapier, falcon, several battlecruisers and an interceptor. The first engagement was an overwhelming success for the other side.

One of the pilots is hanging around the system in a Harbinger trying to bait a reaction. One is coming, I just do not want to reveal what we are going to do too soon. The support group arrives on the high sec wormhole and I lend a Phobos to one of my corpmates before warping to their wormhole and jumping in my Proteus. They have 2 Guardians, a Devoter, Hurricane, Harbinger and a Loki on the wormhole.

I hold cloak while they spin up for the attack and instruct the fleet jump to the connecting wormhole. While they are in warp, I decloak and go after the Loki. At this point, it becomes quite evident that they have eyes in our system. They starburst off the wormhole. The Loki is faster than my Proteus, but between my long point (48km), overheating my MWD and some web support from an attack cruiser, we maintain point and the Loki finally goes down some 110km from the wormhole. As soon as the ship explodes, the pod is warped off the field.

In the meantime, the rest of the fleet has tackled the baiting Harbinger and a Scorpion that warped into our bubble to assist when the fight started. Chronasis and Ronbo Prime are given a free trip to their chosen medical bay. The second engagement did not go as well for this group.

We loot the field, announce gf in local and pull back to our home system, collapsing the wormhole as we jump out. Overall, it was a fun encounter where we were able to reverse the tables on a group who thought they had the upper hand. Their scout was able to save most of their fleet with the early warning which had to make everyone except the Loki pilot happy. If they had all been sitting at zero when our fleet jumped in, they would have lost quite a few more ships.

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