Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finding Tiger Ears

When I returned to the game last year, I had been reading Penny's blog for some time. Her blog was the inspiration for starting my own blog which has added another level of enjoyment to the game for me. While her blog has a day in the life style, mine is more free form about fights I encounter.

A corpmate reports a hostile C4 once I log into the game. He was mining in a Venture when a Loki decloaked and went after him. The hostile pilot failed to get him and all he could remember after the adrenaline rush was the name Penny. That immediately sparked my interest so I grab a covert ops ship and jump into the C4. Sure enough this is the home system of Tiger Ears. I have never met her, but I have a fairly good idea about how they fly.

We decide the situation calls for a bait drake. I am a little doubtful this will work against Penny and Fin but we decide to try it when no one can come up with a better plan. The drake heads into the C4 and runs a vast ladar, then returns for a noctis to salvage it, then another pilot heads back into the C4 to mine gas. At this point, the Venture pilot sees a Loki for a second on d-scan so he scurries back to the wormhole.

The Drake pilot heads back into the C4 and starts running a Minor ladar site. As the last sleeper is being killed, Fin uncloaks in a Loki and tackles the drake. I jump into the C4 and immediately warp to the Drake. It is a medium length warp (11.89 AU) and the Drake pilot reports almost immediately that the Loki is starting to burn away. It appears that Penny was sitting on the wormhole watching for the potential trap.

I land on field and lock the Loki, getting my point and both webs on Fin but his momentum carries him out of my range before I can get the modules overheated and him slowed down. Fin warps off just as the rest of our fleet lands.

Penny and I chat for a couple of minutes and then we pull back to collapse the wormhole. We had our fun, but were not quick enough to catch a couple of wary pilots who smelled a potential trap.

If you have never checked out her blog, I encourage you to check it out!

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  1. We've learnt through experience not to take Transmission Lost lightly, and for good reason.

    Thanks for saying hi before leaving.