Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stealing Modules from online POS

A day to remember started out much like any other; scanning down an empty C4. The C4s connected to a C4a which had a couple of towers but no visible pilots. We scan down the system and find the static C5 and an inbound C3. I jump into the C3 to see scan probes and a tower but no visible ships.

While I am locating the tower which seems to have moved since I was last in the C3, the other scout jumps into the C5 and reports 1 online tower and 1 offline tower with a couple of ships on dscan. Checking out the online tower, finds one of the ships but the other is somewhere else in the system.

By now, I have found the relocated tower and the probes have disappeared. Since there is at least 1 ship not at a tower in the C5, that looks like our best bet for a fight and we go ahead and move a couple of cloaky combat ships in the C4a.

The first pilot in the C4a reports a ship on d-scan and a check of the tower shows the pilot now floating the shields. Our best guess is that this is the pilot who was scanning in the C3. Now we have active pilots in both the C4a and the C5a.

The scout in the C5a reports that he has found the ship which is not at the tower. The pilot has swapped ships and is now in a bestower at the offline tower. I clear him to engage the bestower in his covert ops ship to see what happens. The response is fairly immediate, they warp a drake in on top of him and he bugs out to prevent losing his scanner.

It appears that we have caught the corp in the middle of erecting a tower. But wait a minute, why are all these modules floating around the tower unanchored? Hmmmm. Maybe the tower went offline? That wouldn't unanchor the POS modules. Maybe they were dumping out the modules they were going to use while they were waiting on the tower to anchor? Oh well, the mystery doesn't really matter, we have an opportunity for some fun.

I jump into system in a cloaky Loki and warp to the new tower and attempt to catch the Drake but was not able to gain a lock before he warped. I cloak up and in a minute a Slasher. I get a lock on him and kill him just as 2 Drakes land on grid. I lock the first Drake and call in the fleet. The second drake pilot bugs out while the rest of the fleet is still incoming.

Now the real fun begins. The tower is onlining and has 12 minutes left before it goes online and all of these modules are just floating in space. A couple of our pilots grab a hauler and begin scooping modules. Meanwhile, the tower finally goes online and the bestower pilot warps back to the tower and anchors the warp scram. Our pilots continue scooping modules. Next, he anchors and onlines a gun. Our pilots continue scooping modules. One of our pilots starts attacking the gun with a stealth bomber. They warp a covert ops ship to the gun and put ammo in it.

Instead of risking losing a ship, we head back home with over 100M in POS modules and 2 kills. Next time, I suggest onlining your tower and then deploying your modules, anchoring them and onlining them from the safety of the shields. That is my pro tip of the day for noobies in wormhole space. The second tip, do not start your wormhole career in a C5 static C5.

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