Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stealing is bad

Sometimes what goes around comes back around. It has been a rather slow week in wormholes. We have run some sites but haven't seen anyone willing to engage us.

The C4s has a radar and we are running low on sleeper components for our T3 production lines so we decide to kill sleepers. We run the site without incident and then bring in a Noctis while the rest of the group kills off the sleepers in a couple of ladar sites.

The Noctis is finishing up when he announces, I have a concussion bomb incoming. It isn't a problem, I am aligned. Oops! Now there is a term which is never going to be followed by good news. I have heard it many many times, and it is almost always followed by death and destruction.

This was no exception, while we was calmly reporting the bomb and his ability to warp away instantly, he forgot to warp away. The bomb exploded and we were down 1 Noctis. We were able to loot the wreck so it wasn't a complete loss. But this serves as a reminder. Death can occur very suddenly in wormhole space.

I tip my hat to Splut Woobs. He had the bookmarks for the sites in his system and when he logged in (or noticed us) running the radar site, he got in position and executed a perfect ambush without revealing his presence until the bomb was in route.

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