Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interrupting an Invasion

We are in the process of organizing for a T1 cruiser roam in null sec when we get a call about 2 different fleets gearing up for a battle in a C3 not too far from us. One group is in a defended large tower and a different larger group is in an undefended small tower. This smells like an invasion.

We head toward the HS entrance for the C3. Meanwhile, the invaders begin attacking the tower. They repel the initial defense by the natives and start attacking the tower. Our scout gets in position while they incapacitate the warp scram.

Once the scram goes down, we warp in the T1 bait fleet consisting of 2 Moas, 2 Ospreys, a Caracal and a Kitsune. As we land on grid, their entire fleet warps back to the small tower. We warp back to the high sec and attack the drake positioned as a scout on the high sec.

The drake jumps to high sec and the rest of their fleet warps in at 100km. We jump back to high sec since we are not ready to engage. We have a second group in Talos' coming and they are still 9 jumps out.

The secondary fleet is 4 jumps out when the invaders warp to the wormhole and jump several battleships and battlecruisers into high sec and back which collapses the wormhole. BUT, there is still a low sec system in the C3 and it is only 13 jumps away. Off we go, with our numbers now boosted by the Talos fleet.

The Talos fleet holds 1 jump away while the smaller cruiser fleet (affectionately named BAIT fleet) jumps into the C3 from low sec. There are two drakes on the wormhole and we engage them inside the bubbles.

Catcando Isu's drake falls first in the fight followed shortly by a second drake piloted by Varos Kang. As the second drake falls, the rest of their team warps in to join the fight. We have a mix of battleships and t3 battlecruisers hitting the field and we call in the secondary fleet. The Talos fleet jumps in, spreads point and we start melting ships.

The full battle report can be found here. Two drakes, a typhoon, an armageddon, a guardian, an oracle and a talos killed and the only loss was a solo bomber. A pretty good showing even if a number of ships escaped the battle.

This was my first time fielding a logi ship in a fleet battle. I was very impressed by the effectiveness of the Osprey against their fleet. They were not able to break the tanks of our smaller T1 cruisers even with a 10 - 6 advantage on the field.

A fight was all we were after so we left them to continue their invasion once the wrecks were cleared from the field.

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