Saturday, December 29, 2012

Killing a Vargur

Sometimes you log into Eve and good things just come your way. That is not usually the case and it certainly wasn't a good night for the guys in this story.

I am minding my own business scanning down our C4 static when I get a tell from a friend asking if we want in on some pew. The answer to that is sure, so we check and find that the entry system is 26 jumps from our high sec connection. We grab some battleships, collapse the wormhole and scan down the next connection to find it is still 22 jumps away. /shrug

We are going up against 3 remote rep tengus in a cataclysmic variable wormhole so we grab a neuting legion, a dps legion, a proteus and a webbing loki. My friend has a drake, a bubble ship and a Oneiros to round out the fleet.

We burn across high sec and arrive in the entry system, sort out the bookmarks and decide on a strategy. While we are sorting things out, one of the tengus leaves and the other 2 head to the next site. We wait on what we believe will be a Noctic returning only to be surprised when a Vargur shows up instead. Followed a couple of minutes later by the expected Noctis.

Our strategy is simple, we have stealth bomber who is going to uncloak and attack the Noctis. While the rest of the fleet is going to warp to their C4 static. The bomber moves into position and we jump into the system. Coinciding with his attack on the Noctis, I fleet warp everyone else to their connection.

As soon as we land, the bubble is put up and the Vargur lands moments later and immediately jumps into their home. We follow and start attacking. The Vargur pilot immediately asks for a ransom but after a short discussion (none of us had ever killed a Vargur) we decide to ignore this request. He jumps back and we follow which polarizes all of us.

When we jump back into the C4, the Tengus (2) are now on the wormhole as well. We nuet one of the Tengus while pounding on the other. It doesn't take long and the first Tengu pilot bails. Shortly after that, the second Tengu pilot bails as well. The Noctis pilot has now logged off in a safe.

We continue burning the Vargur and ignore the second request for a ransom. The pilot bails shortly before the Vargur explodes. We immediately lock and pop Sivalasan and scoop his corpse. I can only surmise that he ripped some implants out before going down. Surely you must be joking that he was in a 4.5B ISK ship with only 18k in implants.

We scoop the loot, which was considerable, collapse their wormhole and head home smiling. This was the biggest non-capital kill any of us had been involved in to date.

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