Saturday, July 21, 2012

Watching a fight with scanners

I wake up and log into my temporary home. A hostile wormhole seems an odd place to call home, but I have been here several days and am getting to know my new neighbors a little. As far as I can tell, they have no idea I am "living" in their wormhole and I intend to keep it that way for a while.

A check of known contacts and the tower shows no activity so I drop probes and start looking for signatures. I have resolved 4 of the 5 signatures when I get announcement that one of the locals has logged in. My scan probes are quickly recalled leaving an unknown signature in the system.

A check of the local tower shows that the new pilot is online and sitting in the shield not moving. There is really nothing of much interest in this activity and as I am about to return to my safe spot, another pilot and then another shows up at the tower. As one of them changes ships, d-scan now shows what appears to be a hostile contact.  Two of the three pilots warp out to the approximate location of the unresolved signature and then disappear.  I surmise that location is a wormhole but cannot be entirely sure since both of the locals and the hostile were in stealth capable ships.

I keep a close eye on d-scan and in a few minutes a wreck shows up and the hostile pilot is now in his capsule. The capsule quickly disappears but I have no idea if they podded him or if he escaped. I make a note to check the killboards tomorrow to see if I can figure that out.

Evidently, the locals are happy to end the night with a kill as they log off soon afterwards. Now is a good time for me to finish resolving what I suspect will be a K162 connection. I deploy probes and quickly get a lock on the missing signature to find that it is indeed a wormhole but surprisingly it is a Y683 instead of the expected K162. Interesting!

There doesn't appear to be any more activity in my home so I jump into the C4. I have multiple notes on the corporations in this wormhole and even though no one appears to be around, I return home without deploying probes. It is time to call it a night anyway.

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