Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding a wormhole

The time has come for my next adventure. My interest in other games is dwindling again and it is time to re-visit the Eve Universe. Of course, with that renewed interest, I find a strange compulsion to return to wormholes.

Upon logging in, I jump into a scouting ship and head out of my home base. Of course, I am on a new PC so I spend the next hour setting up and configuring my overview since I was not smart enough to save my overview settings and back them up.

Once I finish fussing with the overview, I launch probes and spend another 30 minutes relearning how to probe. Finally, I locate a wormhole and warp to the entrance. The K162 is nearing the end of its life and it is critical on mass but leads to w-space. I have a cloak, probes and nowhere I need to be anytime soon so I jump down the rabbit hole anyway.  What is the worst that can happen?

After jumping, it occurs to me that I should have been setup to do a quick d-scan immediately on entering the system. It takes me longer to get this up and scanned than it should, but I get it done before my session cloak expires. Only a few warp bubbles show on d-scan so I move off the wormhole and cloak.

Now what? Oh yeah! What class of wormhole is this and who lives here? The wormhole is a B247 so if I remember correctly, I am probably in a C2. I look this up and confirm that my memory for signatures was accurate for once. Now to find the inhabitants. There is only 1 planet out of d-scan range of me so I warp out to look around. It takes me much longer to locate the towers than it should have since I was a little concerned about the warp bubbles and cans which usually indicate a trap.

I locate the inhabitants towers but no one is currently home. Only an unpiloted industrial floating in space. After thinking about it for nearly 2 seconds, I decide to stay in this wormhole for a while. I need the practice scanning anyway. Since it is past time for me to get some sleep, I create a safe and log for the evening.

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